Some People Are On The Pitch

Some People Are On The Pitch
Some People Are On The Pitch is blog about soccer written from a British perspective. Different aspects of the game are discussed and related news is often reported as well. The bloggers maintain that more than information about soccer, they also want to put a humorous slant to the blog – and this is something that we all can appreciate.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
The visuals of Some People Are On The Pitch are nothing spectacular but they do serve their purpose. The overall look of the blog is very clean, adding to the visual experience of the reader. There is also a smattering of relevant photos within the posts.

User Friendliness – 10
Some People Are On The Pitch is very well organized. Readers will find it very easy to navigate this blog as all the relevant links are located in the right column in an orderly fashion. As for the loading time, there is absolutely no problem at all.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Some People Are On The Pitch is easy reading for those who are into soccer. Whether the post is about news events or trivia, I am sure that you will find it enjoyable to read.

Useful Info – 10
For the soccer fan, there is definitely a lot of useful information to be found in the pages of Some People Are On The Pitch. I particularly like how they write long and detailed posts about recent and upcoming games.

Overall Experience – 10
This is the perfect easy reading blog for anyone who likes soccer. It actually does not matter what country you come from – the posts are written for everyone. Bookmark it soccer fans!



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