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Set Up A Blog offers tips and other useful information on how to start a blog and earn from it moving forward. Authored by Jamie Spencer of Cumbria, England, it serves as your guide to starting a blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Visually, the blog is very eye-friendly with its white and pastel blue theme. You would know right away what the site is all about as the author presents his mission on the home page.

User Friendliness – 10

Navigating around the site is fast and easy as there are only four web pages to browse and those who would like to follow the social media accounts of the blog can do so through the clickable social media icons provided.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Those serious about starting a blog and improving their blog should find it worthwhile browsing the site. There’s so much to gain and learn from the author and all content is offered free of charge.

Useful Info – 9

Newbie and experienced bloggers can learn a thing or two from this blog. Being a guide to starting a blog, it provides very useful information that will help you create a blog that will stand out from the crowd and that can earn passive income onwards.

Overall Experience – 9

A visit to the blog should be an enriching experience particularly for people eager to learn how to create a blog and eventually earn from it. The information is written in an interesting and easy to understand manner and hence, should be keep visitors glued to the site.

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