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Outside Voice
The personal thoughts and experiences of an “old soul in high heels,” Outside Voice gives its readers a glimpse into the everyday life of Pammer, a “recovering IT consultant and sales executive” who has left her career for a life of philanthropy. Now, who among us has not wished to do something similar?

Visual Aesthetics – 10
The silhouette of woman in a lavender and pink background got me. I don’t really like pink but the mix of colors in this blog is actually pretty to look at. It gives you an impression of sensitivity combined with strength – perfect for the tone of the blog, I should say. The font is simple and easy to read, the layout is clean, and the pictures add to one’s reading experience.

User Friendliness – 9
With its simple layout, Outside Voice is an easy blog to navigate. You can easily find links and the archives on the left column and browse through recent blog posts on the center column. The pictures – which are loaded from Flickr – do take some time to load, though.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
Though most of the posts are of a personal nature, they are quite well written. As such, even if you haven’t met Pammer, you will actually enjoy browsing through the entries. Being a person just like everyone else, her experiences just might be similar to yours. Combine that fact with the wit (and potty mouth) of the author and you are in for an enjoyable read.

Useful Info – 7
You’d learn an insight here or there from Pammer’s experiences, there is no doubt about that. However, I really could not get much practical/useful information from many of the blog posts. I doubt that that was her intent in writing posts for this blog anyway.

Overall Experience – 8
A mildly amusing personal blog, Outside Voice is something that you may want to visit occasionally. If you are really into Pammer’s life, then you may want to visit more than that. Better than most personal blogs but you won’t get much by way of useful information – she does live an interesting life, I must say.

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