Our Everyday Things

Our Everyday Things
Our Everyday Things is the blog of a mother of two children. In it, she shares the ups and downs of motherhood as well as many tips that parents can make use of as they progress in their journey of rearing children. Leony, the blogger, shares personal experiences that make her blog quite real to her readers.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Our Everyday Things is very appealing visually. The overall look is neat – no clutter that children make everyday! The background is plain white but it is spruced up by the numerous photos that are included in most every post.

User Friendliness – 10
I didn’t have any problems navigating Our Everyday Things. The two outermost columns contain all the relevant links – blog roll, archives, categories, etc. More so, you can find links to related posts at the bottom of each entry, making your discovery of the blog an easy endeavor.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Leony has a way with words that make her posts very entertaining. Even the most mundane of activities that she and her family engage in seem to be fun, fun, fun! Parents and parents-to-be will certainly get a kick out of reading this blog.

Useful Info – 10
It’s not your run-of-the-mill parenting blog, that’s what I can say about Our Everyday Things. There is a lot of useful information to be found in the pages of the blog. From fun activities to places to visit to pregnancy to relationships – you can find all sorts of relevant topics viewed from the eyes of Leony.

Overall Experience – 10
I really liked my experience over at Our Everyday Things. It is easy reading with a lot of lessons to be picked up. It is stimulating, both visually and mentally. Keep up the good work!



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