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The Obedient Ingredient is a unique blog that shares baking recipes with a twist and a story behind each recipe. With the interesting photos and stories shared on the site, it can surely dominate your plate.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

It’s easy to be glued to the site due to its clean look, thanks to the basic white background. The large photos are also appealing.

User Friendliness – 10

With a straightforward blog, it’s fast and easy to go around the site. The categories on the left as well as the contact and subscribe sections link to the appropriate pages. A leave a comment link is also available at the top of the post just below the headline.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The blog posts on the site are very interesting with only a few text and more images to feast your eyes on. Aspiring bakers and those who love to bake can find new recipes with a twist here.

Useful Info – 9

Those who love to bake and those who want to learn to bake can find interesting recipes for cupcakes, ice cream, other pastries, drinks and pasta on the site. There are photos to go along with the recipe which are sure to appeal to every visitor.

Overall Experience – 9

Overall, visiting the Obedient Ingredient blog provides a happy and fulfilled feeling notably for those looking for interesting recipes whether pastries, drinks or pasta. You will not only get recipes here but stories from every recipe as well.

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