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…nobody famous
…nobody famous is the blog of Singaporean student, Jan. He describes his blog as the “Musings of a homosexual student’s life Singapore -a widely homosexual unfriendly
city-state; touching on boys, boy issues, parents, sexuality, spirituality, self-esteem, weight, his love and hate for food, scandals, and the uphill challenge to fit into the mould this conservative society expects of him, to be “normal”.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The overall look of …nobody famous is neat and clean. There isn’t much by way of “bling,” which is a plus, really. There are some pictures in the posts, which break the monotony of black text on white. Perhaps a little more sprucing up on the visual side would give this blog a bit more of an edge.

User Friendliness – 8
Navigation-wise, …nobody famous scores perfectly. The blog only has 2 columns, giving enough space for the entries and the relevant links. You won’t find yourself lost as there are links to the categories, archives, and the like. The big drawback is that you get a pop-up for an ad as soon as you enter the blog URL. I also experienced some load time problems.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
Try as I might, I did not really find myself enjoying myself thoroughly as I read the blog posts. There were some posts that I did like – the poem about self love, for one – but in general, it didn’t work for me. Fans of Britney Spears would probably disagree – you can find content about her in …nobody famous.

Useful Info – 7
There are some insights to be found in the pages of …nobody famous. It is actually a well-written blog which reveals much of the blogger’s life and personality. In that respect, you can gain useful insight from the blog.

Overall Experience – 8
…nobody famous is like stepping into the world of Jan – and I really admire this blogger for being so brave as to open up to the world in this manner.



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