No Strings Geneva

Geneva at night
No Strings Geneva
No Strings Geneva is a venue for people to discuss the different issues surrounding governance of the city of Geneva. According to the people behind the blog, it is “intended to be a community resource for people interested in analysis and critique of governing in Geneva and the resulting public policy. It is for those seeking more depth and interaction than what the local media is able to provide.”

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Being an informational blog, the focus is not really on the visuals. As such, there isn’t much by way of visual aids. The blog is very neat and orderly, though, making it easy on the eyes.

User Friendliness – 9
Pages load up in no time and the blog well organized, making it easy for readers to navigate. More so, the blog entries are heavily linked, providing readers with other sources of information. The links to archives and recent posts are all on the left side – easily accessible. A good addition would be links based on categories.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
People who are from Geneva or residing in Geneva would have a different opinion, I am quite sure. More so, I don’t think the aim of the blog is to entertain its readers. The blog does target a specific niche and is successful in that regard.

Useful Info – 10
No Strings Geneva is loaded with information – nothing more to be said.

Overall Experience – 8
No Strings Geneva targets a particular audience and does well in this respect. Maybe a little visualization could help spruce the blog up a bit.




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