Mungo Says Bah

Mungo Says Bah
Mungo’s personal blog is a mixture of many things, with photos of nature predominating. A project manager from Toronto, Canada, Mungo presents various ideas and shares his love for the great outdoors in his blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The blog is not about bling, when it comes to visuals. The background is plain white but the pictures are very interesting – especially those of nature.

User Friendliness – 8
I had some difficulties with loading time, perhaps due to the huge amount of photos in the blog. Most of the posts were quite long, as well, making it a bit tedious to keep scrolling down. Also, some of the ads at the bottom of each post were quite tiresome.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Mungo writes well – simple words and structure that makes for easy reading.

Useful Info – 9
Keeping in mind that the blog’s main theme is the great outdoors, then one would find some useful information in Mungo Says Bah. That is if you plan on going to Toronto in the near future. Then again, even if you are not, you could just sit back and enjoy nature up there vicariously.

Overall Experience – 9
Definitely scoring high in terms of eye candy, Mungo Says Bah can keep you entertained. There may be some posts which you’ll find “bah” but then again, not all blogs are perfect.




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