Mrs A and Mrs Nemesis

Mrs A and Mrs Nemesis

Mrs A and Mrs Nemesis: A Klutz in the Dark is an online Christmas calendar and blog about the rivalry between two moms. Mrs A, a mother of two, desperately fights for respect among the alpha-moms in the street particularly Mrs Nemesis. The two were pitted against each other in the election for president of the Christmas Community in their place.

This blog, a serial comedy fiction: Mrs A fights against the alpha-moms, is authored by Marie Anisdahl, formerly a cinematographer now a scriptwriter and architectural lighting designer.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

A simple and straightforward layout design is what visitors will see on this blog allowing them to focus more on the content. The characters are introduced on the home page each with an accompanying photo.

Below the page and on the right column are the links to the daily posts which relate the story of Mrs A and Mrs Nemesis. Each date on the home page corresponds to a post and the author did the right thing posting an image for each date to attract visitors.

User Friendliness – 10

With its straightforward layout design, it’s easy to navigate around the blog. To read the daily posts, you can choose to use the links on the right column or those on the home page. Either way, you’ll get to the post you want to read. On the home page, you can choose to click on the date to go to the post you’d like to read or click on the image above.

To know more about the author, there are links on the top and bottom of the home page.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Those looking for an interesting read particularly about conflicts and competition will enjoy the posts on this blog. Women, in particular, including the wives and mothers will be able to relate to the story.

Useful Info – 8

Some lessons can be learned from this blog notably about dealing with and resolving conflicts among women as well as how to get along with people in your community.

Overall Experience – 9

Being an interesting and unique online calendar created in the form of a serial fiction, this blog can attract followers especially women (wives and mothers) who are also dealing with issues with other women. It’s a great story to follow moving forward.

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