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The Make a Website Hub is a great resource for tips and strategies on how to build a website or blog. It aims to help people get started on building their sites as a way for them to earn a living.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The white background, simple layout design and large font make the site appealing and allows visitors to focus on the content.

User Friendliness – 10

It’s fast and easy to navigate around the site as all links are working and lead to the right pages.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

People wanting to build their own website or blog should find it worthwhile reading through the site’s content and blog posts that were written in an interesting and informative manner.

Useful Info – 10

The usefulness of the information provided should be reason enough for people wanting to learn how to create a website or blog to browse through the site. There’s so much to learn from the content courtesy of Jamie Spencer.

Overall Experience – 9

Those in search for information on creating a website or blog without having to deal with codes should find it an enriching experience visiting With the step by step information and useful tips provided here, it won’t take long for you to build a website that suits your needs.

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