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Law Ruler Software is a technology company committed to providing software solutions notably for the legal industry covering legal case management for mass torts, personal injury, civil. With more than 25 years of experience in software consulting, computing and technological developments, this privately held company offers legal management software that allows lawyers to work on their tasks from anywhere.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

With its white and blue theme, the Law Ruler website easily grabs one’s attention. The absence of ads also makes visitors focus more on the content.

User Friendliness – 10

Navigating the site is easy as all links are working and lead to the right pages.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Legal professionals interested in learning about the software they can use in their work will find it worthwhile browsing the site. They will get to know the benefits of using the Law Ruler software in their daily tasks.

Useful Info – 9

The Law Ruler blog’s content is very useful for professionals in the legal industry. It shares vital information on the essence of a legal management software and its many benefits in making their work easier.

Overall Experience – 9

The Law Ruler blog presents useful information on the use of a legal management software for lawyers and law firms that aim to be efficient in their jobs. It also spells out the benefits to be gained including getting more clients and managing cases efficiently.

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