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The Khalid Faiz Dentist blog is owned and authored by Khalid Faiz, a dentist with London-based ConfiDental Care that offers top quality medical and cosmetic treatments. He has years of experience in the medical and dental fields, was trained at the Royal London Hospital and now specializes in advanced restorative dentistry, surgical and dento facial aesthetics.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog of dentist Dr Khalid Faiz is simple and clean layout design can easily attract visitors as it promotes a relaxed feeling. Being only a few months old, the blog can still provide more valuable information on dentistry-related topics.

User Friendliness – 10

With its simple theme, the blog is easy to navigate. On the top are three main sections and on the left column are links to recent posts, archives and categories.

Reading Enjoyment

Visitors can focus on the site’s information what with its clean. There are no clutter and dynamic ads going on the sides hence, people can have a relaxing reading experience. Those looking for information related to dental hygiene and procedures can gain valuable insights from the blog.

Useful Info – 8

As the Khalid Faiz blog is new and only a few months old, there are only a number of posts available on the site. Moving onwards, the author promises to share more details about his knowledge and experiences as a dentist in London.

Including images would also help make the posts more appealing to visitors.

Overall Experience – 9

Browsing through the blog can be a relaxing experience owing to its visual appeal and the information provided. It can still improve further content-wise being new on the blogosphere. The blog can be a useful resource for parents and adults wanting to learn about the ways to maintain proper dental hygiene and the latest dental procedures offered by dental clinics.

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