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Joomla Blogger
Joomla Blogger is a blog for all Joomla addicts out there. Whether you know Joomla like the back of your hand, or you are merely starting out, you will find that Joomla Blogger to be a great resource.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The first thing that catches one’s eye when visiting Joomla Blogger is the header. It’s custom and yet very simple – getting the message across easily. The only thing about the visual aspect that needs a little tweaking is the way the individual posts are cut off as excerpts. There are some posts with only one or two lines and combined with the image, the overall look is off.

User Friendliness – 10
Joomla Blogger is very easy to navigate, with links to sections immediately “spottable” at the top. There are also in-post links, as well as links to other articles and resources.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
I didn’t particularly find Joomla Blogger to be an enjoyable read, but that’s probably only because I don’t know anything about the topic. I have to say that Kristoffer Sandven, the owner of the site, does write in an easygoing style and for sure, the targeted readers will have a different opinion than I do!

Useful Info – 10
Kristoffer’s goal is to help other people become successful in using Joomla! and it seems to me that he is achieving his goal with Joomla Blogger. Usefulness of information is definitely the main strength of this blog.

Overall Experience – 9
Joomla Blogger is a must-visit if you are working with Joomla! – whether for work or for personal purposes. The blog has even been nominated for awards – testament that quality information is being presented.



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