IRS Tax Relief

IRS Tax Relief

IRS Tax Relief
IRS Tax Relief
IRS Tax Relief is a service that aims to provide assistance to people who have serious tax problems. This site is run by licensed Enrolled Agents (EA’s), CPA’s and/or tax attorneys, ensuring the public that the information they receive is legitimate and accurate.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The blog has a simple and clean look, making sure that readers do not get distracted by unnecessary elements. Each blog post has a relevant image as well, to add to the visual experience. The only issue I had was that the images do not seem to load in the blog’s home page.

User Friendliness – 9
Navigation is a breeze. Whether you are browsing the main site or the blog, you will have an easy time. One thing that can be improved is the video that plays automatically upon entering IRS Tax Relief. It does slow down things, and can be a pain if your connection is not that fast.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Anyone seeking tax relief will probably not enjoy reading about taxes, but the site does provide help that works, so if you are the target audience, you will enjoy this site.

Useful Info – 10
IRS Tax Relief‘s main goal is to help, and they do so wonderfully with the information presented in the site.

Overall Experience – 9
Facing serious tax problems? Know someone who is? You will be doing yourself a favor by finding tax relief via this web site.



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