Illinois Workers’ Compensation Blog

Illinois Workers Compensation Blog
Illinois Workers’ Compensation Blog
The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog is a free online resource provided by Hanagan & McGovern, a law firm specializing in Southern Illinois workers’ compensation and injury cases. With years of experience behind them and a trustworthy reputation, the firm continues to provide clients with the best service in the area.

Visual Aesthetics – 6User Friendliness – 7
The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog will also benefit from some tweaking to make it more user friendly. Better navigation guides are needed, such as being able to find posts via topics. It will also be easier on the reader if the blog post excerpts are shown on the home page so that more content can be browsed from there, instead of having to click “Older Entries” every time one wants to read other posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Every worker wants to be sure that they receive just compensation, especially if injury has been done. In this regard, the blog presents an enjoyable read to concerned readers.

Useful Info – 10
The blog scores perfectly in this department, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the guys behind it. For anyone who is in need of information on Illinois laws on workers’ comp, this is the blog to check.

Overall Experience – 7
The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog is a very useful resource indeed. With a little tweaking in terms of visuals and user friendliness, it will be an even better read.



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