Higher Pound: Lessons on Recovery Learned From a Pack of Dogs

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery
Higher Pound: Lessons on Recovery Learned From a Pack of Dogs
Higher Pound is the blog of Jennifer, a woman recovering from alcohol addiction. Anyone who is in a similar situation will be able to relate to her blog posts and draw inspiration from her experiences.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Higher Pound gives a very good first visual impression. It is free of clutter and yet has enough visual elements to keep your attention. The header is simple, with an unmistakable background image. The posts are a nice blend of text and images, with the occasional photo montage.

User Friendliness – 9
Higher Pound is a relatively new blog, so it really is no issue navigating the content. With the recent posts, archives, and categories easily accessible, however, even when the content expands, users will still find this a friendly blog. One thing: there seems to be an error in the “Top List” section.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Whether you are recovering from an addiction or not, you will find some enjoyment reading the posts in Higher Pound. This is a well-written blog, with a mixture of prose and poetry, and as I said, photo collections.

Useful Info – 10
Higher Pound overflows with insights, inspiration, and practical nuggets of wisdom for people who need some direction in their lives. You do not need to be recovering from alcohol addiction to find useful information in this blog, but if you are, then all the more this blog will be important to you!

Overall Experience – 9
Higher Pound is very highly recommended for anyone who is seeking for inspiration and direction. The blog is geared towards those who are in recovery, or those who know someone in the same situation, but the content can be expanded to other situations as well.



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