Guppyman’s Zone

Bloggy Award Winner!


Guppyman’s Rant Zone

Who would have though that reading about the step-by-step process of building a scrapbooking table could be quite so entertaining? It’s the in-between entries that are so surprisingly and genuinely funny, that having Guppyman?s everyday updates proves to be a constant joy. This blog talks about spam, new types of computer viruses, Hollywood TV shows and other such normally insignificant happenings- in such an amusing and cynical way, one might think that the author is a comic pro in disguise!

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The visuals are the least effective part of the blog. The fish are cute and the blue-black combo of the Blogger template is fine- but the layout is chaos. One column is devoted to entries, the other to Guppyman’s profile and the last to his blogroll. But the columns are so similar in size that it’s hard to know exactly where the action is. Guppyman needs to take a broom and tidy all this up- his writing merits it!

User Friendliness – 9

Everything loads quickly and returns easily to the main site with just a click. Just one link led to an invalid site. The “credits” have a few broken images. Other than that, everything works fine.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The recent blog about spam made me laugh. The one on his deconstruction of Christmas Carols made me laugh even harder! His posts are so witty that even the uneventful facts about his life seem interesting to read. Entries are short, don’t drag on at all and before you know it, you’ve already read three months worth of archives. A real lesson in good blogging here.

User Info – 10

There are links to almost every entry. Curious about his wife, whose gift he’s slaving over? Click on the link. Wanna know about the obnoxious post by a man he’s talking about? Click on the link. In every entry, Guppyman makes sure you know what he’s talking about. Excellent stuff.

Overall Experience – 10

I wouldn’t mind reading about Guppyman’s wife or even about his Mom over and over again. With the author’s sharp wit and original opinions about almost anything, this site is a definite bookmark. Hesitant to award the Bloggy, as I see Guppyman gives some prominence in his links to a former Bloggy Winner, Red Monkey and we don’t want any conspiracy theories of favoritism surfacing. But then…this blog is just too darned good to deny.

Bloggy Award it is!!