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FitRated offers interesting and quality information on fitness, diet and weight loss as well as comprehensive reviews on various exercise equipment such treadmills, ellipticals and treadclimbers among others. Owned and managed by four fitness enthusiasts, it commits to making fitness easier for people bent on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

It’s easy to get hooked to the FitRated blog for various reasons. Visually, it’s easy to the eyes with its white background and ads-free interface. The first few sentences of each blog post are displayed on the home page hence one can already get an idea of what information they can get on first reading.

The four people behind the blog are also introduced on the right column with their photo so it helps to learn about them as well.

User Friendliness – 10

The site is user friendly so it’s fast and easy to go around. All links are working fine hence, every visitor should be able to go the right page he or she wants to visit.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

With information provided by a personal trainer herself in the person of Shannon, the blogger behind the FitRated site, readers can rest assured to enjoy quality content. The best part is the absence of ads on the blog hence an enjoyable reading experience is guaranteed every time.

Useful Info – 10

Those looking for quality fitness information from the fitness buffs themselves should be abe to gain valuable insights from the site. They can get interesting facts and tips on fitness, diet, weightloss as well as reviews on the different exercise equipment.

Overall Experience – 9

Browsing through the FitRated blog is a relaxing and enriching experience owing to the quality content provided. Those looking for fitness information can trust to gain valuable insights from the blog as shared by a personal trainer herself and the rest of the team dedicated to making fitness easier for people.

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