Expert Satellite

Expert Satellite
Expert Satellite
Expert Satellite is an online resource for people who are looking for more information about DIRECTV and its offerings. Specific details about packages and promos, as well as contact numbers can be found here.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
The site is attention-grabbing, thanks to the dominant colors and header. However, the effect can be a little confusing. The presentation of the comments at the bottom of the main page can also be tweaked to look better. Other than that, the visual experience is not bad.

User Friendliness – 10
Anyone who needs information about DIRECTV and its offerings will find all that he needs in the site. From various packages to comparison of services, the site does make sure the user does not get lost.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Expert Satellite is an enjoyable read especially because it gives you the details that you need. Additionally, it highlights the benefits of the product, making you excited to sit back and relax as you watch TV with excellent service.

Useful Info – 10
The site goes beyond catching your attention with enticing promises. It gives you very detailed information to help you make a choice. It also gives you the numbers to help you even more.

Overall Experience – 9
If you’ve been tearing your hair because of your awful cable TV provider, you ought to pay Expert Satellite a visit. More likely than not, that will be the end of your woes.



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