Dr Fong’s Blog


Dr Fong’s Blog of Mysteries

A keen observation on the dinosaur’s barbaric method of reproduction, a final statement in his part about the entire reptile-humanoids controversy, and a discovery of books bound in human skin are just a few of the interesting reads in this site.

Like a journal, it shares the humor, observation and angst of an individual. In this case though, the experiences of a Sci-fi movie writer.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Safe with the white on black choice. The materials are easily readable and the font isn?t too big or too small. Nothing great about the design or the layout but good enough. Interesting photos, though.

User Friendliness – 10

No problems at all. Loads really fast and the layout is simply the scroll up and scroll down type.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Sarcastic humor maximized. Seemingly normal entries end with a punch and kick. If you love conspiracy theories, this site’s a keeper.

User Info – 5

What user info? Sorry, you dialed the wrong number. However, one can argue that a blog site should not be an info page. If you’re after info, just Ask Jeeves.

Overall Experience – 9

After reading, you’ll find yourself in knee-high black boots, with a magnifying glass on your left hand and a little black book on your right with the words “unlocking the world’s mysteries” in swirly, gold letters. The whole conspiracy theory thing makes for an interesting read, to say the least.