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Decompose is the blog of Mike Duran, an ordained minister, a writer, and a record holder for the most number of consecutive 3-point shots made in his front yard. His blog is a creative outlet for himself and a venue for others to discover insights about life in general. He describes it best as his “attempt to discern, interpret, challenge, poke fun at, and ultimately enjoy the world we live in.”

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Decompose scores strongly on this point as its individual visual elements come together to create an excellent experience for the reader. I am very much impressed with the header, which is a collage of various people and items that the blog talks about. I think that it really captures the essence of the blog. The posts themselves also contain enough relevant images to break up the long blocks of text.

User Friendliness – 10
Navigating Decompose is a breeze. Links to relevant sections are easily found right below the header. The right column also contains additional links that the reader will find useful – archives, top posts, recent posts, categories, blog roll, and the like. More so, the pages loaded up very quickly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I have never been one to enjoy heavy philosophical discussion but I found myself reading through the posts in Decompose. Mike Duran has a way with words that makes complicated ideas easy enough to understand and digest. The topics are very relevant to the modern day Christian who faces various issues in his daily life.

Useful Info – 10
Sometimes I think that written works of philosophy and religion have little practical value. Decompose proves me wrong. This blog is full of philosophical and religious discussion but there is a lot of practical information that one can apply in his daily life.

Overall Experience – 10
Decompose is an excellent blog if you want to stimulate your brain. I have to say that it is not light reading but you will not regret frequenting it as you walk away knowing something more.



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