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Clear Landing is the hiking blog of Christopher Berry, an avid hiker from Washington DC who only wishes to share the best hiking trails he has experienced to serve as guide to other hikers looking for great places to explore.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The blog has a clean look which makes it easy for visitors to focus on the content, both images and text. It’s a feel good site even on first visit.

User Friendliness – 10

It’s easy to go around the site especially from one blog post to another as several links are available from the homepage. Social media buttons are in place as well for those interested to follow the author in other sites.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

It’s a worthwhile experience reading the blog’s content as it’s written in a simple and personal manner that can easily be understood.

Useful Info – 10

Hikers would find the information on the blog very useful what with the Clear Landing hiking reviews provided by Berry. It includes details of the area and the hiking trails that people can take for a memorable hiking adventure.

Overall Experience – 9

Experienced hikers notably those based in the U.S. and even those starting out will find it an enriching experience visiting the Clear Landing blog. The reviews provided are enough to spark your interest to try the trails shared by Christopher Berry. It’s a great online resource to turn to.

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