Chocolate Snob

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Chocolate Snob
Chocolate Snob introduces its readers to the wonderful world of high quality chocolate and what can be done with it. Chocolate Snob presents a lot of recipes, tips, and ideas within its pages.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
I love the contrast of the colors – black being predominant with splashes of bright colors. The blog entries have accompanying photos, which I think enhances the whole chocolate experience. A little work on the formatting of the text and photos combined would make the look of Chocolate Snob even more appealing.

User Friendliness – 9
The pages of Chocolate Snob load up very quickly despite the amount of photos. I also did not have any problems with navigating the site. I appreciate the link to the “store” – which is actually on Amazon – wherein you can find chocolate to purchase. A suggestion, though, would be to place the links to the archives in a more accessible place – like the upper part of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
The pictures in themselves gave me a lot of enjoyment! The descriptions and instructions are written in such a way that you just can’t wait to try it yourself!

Useful Info – 10
The pages of Chocolate Snob are rife with useful information on everything chocolate. Aside from recipes, you can find ingredients and products which are labeled according to price and country of origin. This is something that a reader seeking for specific information will really appreciate.

Overall Experience – 9
You do not need to peruse Chocolate Snob very long to realize that the person behind the blog knows what she is doing. Chocolate Snob has a very specific topic – and thus target audience – and is quite successful in providing what the target readers need. If you can’t resist chocolate, if you are looking for new things to try, of if you like dabbling in the kitchen and experimenting, then you should check Chocolate Snob for new ideas.



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