Ask Mike Palumbo about Your Career!

Ask Mike Palumbo about your career
Ask Mike Palumbo
Ask Mike Palumbo is the expert when it comes to career topics. With a longstanding experience in job search and recruiting, he aims to share his knowledge with everyone via his blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Ask Mike Palumbo has a simple design with a lot of white space. Each post has a corresponding image which does break up the text. The images used could be improved, though, and other images – aside from the usual clip art – may be used.

User Friendliness – 9
You won’t miss the search bar and archives section at rightmost top of the page – tools that you will certainly appreciate when navigating the blog. It would also be helpful to have a category/tag section to help readers find more specific information quickly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Anyone who is part of the workforce will certainly have a pleasant time reading Ask Mike Palumbo. Even if you are not searching for a job urgently, you will still enjoy the insights and inspirational pieces that the blog offers.

Useful Info – 10
Ask Mike Palumbo is rife with information that anyone who is in the job market can use. And, even if you are not looking to immediately find a new job, you will still be able to put to good use the knowledge that is presented in the blog.

Overall Experience – 9
Ask Mike Palumbo is a must-visit for any person who has questions about looking for jobs and careers in general. Take advice from the expert, and create the career of your dreams!



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