Anaheim Sign Company

Anaheim Signs
Anaheim Sign Company is the business blog of Anaheim Signs, which has been in the business since 1910. The blog aims to provide customers with additional information on the company and about signs in general.

Visual Aesthetics – 6
The blog makes use of a dark-themed template. The background colors are a mixture of black, blue, green, and other hues. It is pleasant enough, but I would have expected more on the visual side from a sign company. More so, there really aren’t any graphic elements that add to the visual experience.

User Friendliness – 6
The blog doesn’t have much content yet, so it is fairly easy to find the posts. However, it would be better to have an archives section for easier browsing. The categories section could also use some work. Another suggestion is to make the fonts a little bigger – they are quite small and the white text on the dark background is hard on the eyes.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Those who are interested in signs, especially those who are looking for more information about them, will enjoy reading the blog. The only thing lacking really is more posts.

Useful Info – 9
The blog definitely has lots of practical information to offer. The writer knows what he’s talking about, and provides expert advice. Again, my suggestion is to post more frequently and provide extra information on signs.

Overall Experience – 7
The blog Anaheim Sign Company can prove to be a very useful resource in the field. With a little work, this blog will attract more readers in no time.



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