American Beckham


American Beckham
Everything and anything about the Beckhams – that’s what American Beckham is all about. A Beckham fan would certainly get a kick out of this blog!

Visual Aesthetics – 8
American Beckham is rife with photos and videos about the Beckhams – certainly eye candy for many people. However, I do not particularly favor the use of dotted lines for the borders. It takes away from the look of the blog as a whole. More so, the middle column is full of ads.

User Friendliness – 10
The posts are short and sweet and the links are very well organized. I had no problems with viewing the videos as well.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Any entertainment fan would have fun reading American Beckham. The titles are quite attention-grabbing and the posts entertaining as well.

Useful Info – 7
There isn’t much by way of useful information in American Beckham – unless you want to buy Beckham’s leftovers!

Overall Experience – 9
A good entertainment blog about a specific person – or family for that matter. Beckham fans should bookmark this blog.

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