The Superficial!


The Superficial!

Here is a blog that focuses on something our society loves to talk about: the superficial; hence the name of this blog. Honest, opinionated, catty The Superficial pokes fun at who are currently popular with sometimes deadly accuracy.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Each article posted has a matching image that is very apt to the article. Here is true example of the saying pictures are worth a thousand words. The images immediately give you an idea of who the article is about and intrigues you to read on.

The site felt a bit cramped. It felt as if the column for the feed and links were an afterthought

User Friendliness – 8

The site is easy to read and easy to navigate. Authors of The Superficial clearly put a “continue reading” link for those who wish to read the full article. The feed links are well placed beside the most recent post so that those readers who enjoy their visit can avail of the easy sydication option.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The Superficial is exactly as their name states. In their poking fun they can actually be deadly accurate with their sometimes sarcastic humor. It is insightful and makes a refreshing change from articles fawning over the same celebrities featured in this blog.

Useful Info – 6

This blog would be very helpful in realizing what people find superficial. There’s no rocket science or deep dark secrets here. Everything here is meant to be skin deep.

Overall Experience – 7

Though it focuses on superficial things, the perception of the authors of The Superficial can be surprisingly deep and to the point. It can spark up quite a few interesting conversations if you’re into celebrities and the like.