Photo Graphic

When I first received the url for a review, I thought that this would be some online photo hosting service and so was quite pleasantly surprised to find it was in fact an individual photographer finding a fairly unique way to sell his work online. Photo Graphic is an online photo gallery selling the photography art, contemporary art, photography and fine art photography of Ryan Musiello. Having said this, I think that the commercial element is perhaps taken a little too far, leaving that artistic integrity and originality by the wayside. Ryan will do whatever you want- stretch the photos onto canvas, change the colours, tone the image, put in black and white- in fact, I’m sure that he would even put your portait in one…for a price.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

As the domain name suggests, so does the site’s layout and graphics- that this is some sort of corporate service. Anything but that of an individual, struggling artist. Then the photos themselves…some are charming….but on the whole, much of what one might find on any postcard of a particular place or subject.

User Friendliness – 8

Absolutely fine. Quick downloads, clear and simple navigation. Much as one might expect from a ready made site using good software.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Some nice comments by the photographs. But nothing on what one really wants to know about, i.e: who is Ryan Musiello? Why would I spend such a large amount of money on this art work when I don’t know about the artist?

User Info – 5

Similiar to the above, while plenty of information on the assumption that you would want to buy, but little to persuade or inform. What about copyright? Is each image sold ad infinitum or are their limited copies? What about production rights, if say I wanted to use for a book? And so on.

Overall Experience – 7

One leaves the site with some pleasant images in memory, but more questions than answers. I suspect that Ryan Musiello has been actually rather clever about all of this and just hope that he has all his legal angles covered.

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