Welcome to Bloggy Award. We regularly review blogs based on our quality criteria, and every month we award deserving blogs with our Bloggy Award badges!

Blogs have become very popular in the past couple of years because they gave individuals a voice on the Internet. You no longer have to be a hotshot publisher, an ace reporter or a sought-after columnist to get your thoughts read. You can have a free account with a blog host and post your thoughts online anytime you want.

However, having a great blog is not easy pickings. There are a few things that separate a great blog from a good blog, and also a good blog from one that?s downright rubbish. There are tens of millions of blogs out there, so it?s great to have an excellent blog that stands out!

It takes a good combination of content and design to make a good blog. Add to that a dash of personality and a good sprinkling of passion, and you might just have what it takes to have a great blog. And here, we reward well-written, well-designed blogs that are created and maintained with passion and personality with the Bloggy Award.

The Bloggy Award

Near the end of each month, we select two blogs from those we have reviewed throughout the month. These don’t necessarily have to all have perfect scores, but having at least a 9 or a 10 is a prerequisite to being eligible for a Bloggy Award.

We grant the Gold Bloggy Award to the blog that has that perfect balance of quality in terms of design, content, and our other qualities according to our judging criteria.

The Silver Bloggy Award is granted to the blog that deserves an honorable mention for striving for passion and excellence in their blogging.

Bloggy Award Gold Badge

Bloggy Award Silver Badge

Please see our judging criteria here